before i ever took a photograph with thoughtful intention, i carried an obsession with cameras. it didn’t matter what brand or make. all the unique shapes and designs were as beautiful to me as the images they created. i happened across this beauty on a thrift excursion and bought it for three bucks. while i made sure that everything seemed to be in working order, i was more drawn to the nostalgia it invoked. i could almost smell the pages of those national geographic magazines that i spent so many days lost and wondering through…

i’m here/no, i’m not

when i first began photographing myself, there was more curiosity than intention; a curiosity that turned into near obsession. that obsession would be my classroom over the years. a way for me to experiment with form and its relation to shadow, light, color, etc. thousands of hours and exposures later, i sometimes feel that my photographic self is another sense in a way. always there is the awareness of the conversations between objects and luminescence, motion and framing. it never turns off, and for that i’m grateful. 

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